I am Just a Girl…


I am just a girl.
I am a mystery, and a treasure… I long to be discovered.
I am small and gentle in my ways.
I am an amazing kisser.
I am a hopeless romantic.
I have a tender heart.
I have daydreams of the perfect Love.
I am worth taking the time to get to know.
I am not easy, and I am not difficult.
I believe in Peace.
I Love Unconditionally.
I am full of life and light.
I give.
I radiate.
I am strong, and I am graceful.
I want to be seen as Art itself, a living movement of beauty to be experienced and appreciated.
I am smolderingly sensual.
I am an old soul.
I am soft.
I create.
I am fun.
I am trusting.
I am intellectual.
I am not plastic.
I am Soul.
I am not the “hot girl”; I am the girl to be in love with.
I am Understanding.
I am feisty.
I can get back up if I get knocked down.
I am sure in myself and in my abilities.
I am spiritual.
I deserve to be Seen.
I love small gestures of affection.
I like to be held.
I love to be caressed.
I bite.
I have a sinuous saunter.
I like hot tea, books, and rain.
I am a conversationalist.
I am an observer.
I like to look at beautiful things.
I am prone to laughter.
I am inspirational.
I am Me………..
I am just a girl.


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