Motivation: What Is It and Where Does It Come From?

I often read jokes or see silly memes online about all the stereotypes of authors and writers, such as:


While I definitely chuckle at these (mainly because they are true), it also gives me cause to pause and get present to why I, and other writers, tend to do these things.  Is it writer’s block, or is it something altogether different?

I often hear myself saying that I am not feeling motivated- and I know I wouldn’t be alone in the writing community to claim that… But what does feeling motivated have to do with anything?  Could it really be everything?  What if experiencing the feeling of motivation is really just an outcome of being connected to one’s passion?  I believe that’s a safe assumption.  So, if I am connected to my passion, I experience motivation.  The word motivation, itself, can be broken down to its Latin root, mot, which is to move.  If something is motive, it is able to move. When we are experiencing motivation, we are called to move.  We act.  Things happen.  And things happen because we are connected to our passion.

So where does that passion come from?  How can I be connected to my passion?  In my experience, a sure-fire way one is able to become connected to their passion is if one becomes clear about what their grander vision is…  A grander vision is the one that spreads beyond the self to a greater whole.  A grander vision is not a career goal, a life plan, or any form of selfish venture. No, it is an all encompassing, life-force thriving, and soul nourishing soil from which we are able to grow and thrive.  I have a grander vision that I check in with often throughout my day to help me re-connect to my passion, so that I may experience being called to action through the feeling of motivation.  My vision is:

“I Stand for a World that is a Community of Love, Acceptance, Abundance, Freedom, Peace, and Joy.”

When I am present to that statement and all it means, I am in a moment of self reflection and self awareness… I am able to check in with myself and see if what I am doing is in alignment with that vision- Am I helping to be a part of creating that in the world?  When I really let it sink in- that I GET TO spend my life living into this vision- I am so full of passion that I simply cannot contain myself and words come bursting forth!  I am a writer, so words are my outlet for passion… While others are called to other kinds of action, the foundation for such is the same….

If you’ve never taken the time to create a grander vision, that’s okay- it’s simple…  Think about what is important to you, think about what it is you’d like to see happening in the world, think about what you would like the world to look like, how people would interact, how people would feel, how you would feel, etc…  Some things that may come to mind would be:  “I would like to see everyone have enough food”, or “I would like there to be no more violence against women and children”, or “I would like for the wars to end”, “I would like to see everyone have a safe place to sleep at night”… These are only a few of the infinite amount of causes that people stand for throughout their lives.

Now, to whittle those down (or broaden them up) to be more all-encompassing.  What I mean is to find the deeper root of what that statement is about…  If you would like to see everyone have enough food, the deeper aspect of that may be for everyone to experience Abundance.  If you would like to see no more violence, perhaps what you would like to see is a world of Love or Peace.  So once you have listed out a number of sentences about what is important to you, and you begin to look at what the deeper root of them may be, you will most likely also see that a few of your sentences may all fall under Abundance, while a few others may all fall under Peace.  Do this until you have four, five- or even only one solid word- that encompasses what it is you Stand for in the world… And then make this a statement that begins with something like, “I Stand for a World of…” or “I am Committed to Creating a World that is…” and then say it out loud to yourself.  Then say it again.  Does it resonate with you?  Is it just right?  When you say it out loud, can you FEEL it?  When you can, you’ve found it…



And the next time you are experiencing that sluggish procrastination and lack of focus that comes from not feeling motivated, I recommend taking a few moments to get present- Say out loud to yourself, or just say it in your mind, your statement of your grander vision, and re-spark your passion.



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