With a Twist

I spend most of my days with a lot going on in the background of my mind… I’m sure that applies to just about anyone.  What fills my thoughts is usually the subject of where I am headed as an author, and all the things that will follow from that.  It’s silly, and yet not, that I think forward to all the details of what it will all look like… Although I am not attached to how it will look, and that in itself is really quite freeing.

I recently had one of those nights where I lay down in my bed, exhausted from the day, just about to drift off into the sweetness of slumber, when it hits me… It- as in- All of it.  Characters popping up, their lives, how they will look, and what they will be like.  And then- even beyond that!  Titles- 10 different books at least- Story boarding- Planning- Plotting….  And then there it was.  The TWIST.

The twist is that one thing that sets a writer apart… Not just a name… An author with a twist.  So what is it that could possibly set me apart from the literal millions of others who also claim to have something to set themselves apart?  I’ve figured it out… and it goes far beyond my mere exploration into the uniting of Physics and Philosophy in novels, short stories, poems, and non-fictionals… Much deeper and farther that that alone…

All will be revealed in due time.. And what is time but a mere illusion to our limited perception, a construct that we place upon ourselves that has no inherent meaning but that which we give it.  It is said that patience is a virtue- And I say, so is persistence.

There is much to come, and many chances to look beyond… It’s down the rabbit hole- with a twist.

Are you ready for the ride?


2 thoughts on “With a Twist

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m hoping that everyone can find something they enjoy in my writings: entertainment, contemplation, provocation, repulsion, bliss, emotional satisfaction… I’m glad you’ve been finding something for yourself in all of this.. Keep sharing and passing it along!


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