A Glimpse at Chapter One of “Synchronicity: The Power of Breakdowns and Breakthroughs”

Chapter One

What is Synchronicity?

Have you ever experienced a moment in time when a coincidence seemed like more than a mere coincidence? Almost as though this particular coincidence was meant just for you?

 That is Synchronicity

Carl Jung coined this term in the 1920’s to describe the phenomena of meaningful coincidences.  What makes a coincidence meaningful?  That is to be determined by the individual or individuals experiencing the such said phenomena.  It was my mother who first introduced me to this term when I was only a young child.  She simply loved those “winks from the Universe” as some have called them.  Her and I would be having a conversation about what to do that day while the news or whatever happened to be broadcasting on the television would also be permeating the conversation in the room.  It would be odd, it seemed to us, that during our conversation about our plans, we would hear the same exact words we were speaking being spoken from the television while relating to something altogether different, but at exactly the same time as we spoke them.

“I would love to go outside today and work in the garden.”

           “In the Garden State, Sunday racing at Garden State Park is just about three months old…”

This was a common occurrence we noticed together, and whenever it would happen, my mom would simply flash a smile and say, “That’s synchronicity!”  It was something special we shared then, and we continue to share to this day.


So why would these instances be set apart from other mere coincidences, like perhaps sharing the same name with your server at a restaurant?  Again, it is the meaningfulness.  Even this instance might qualify if, say, you have a fairly uncommon name, and this is the third person in the same day that you’ve met who shares it…  Or for another example, let’s say that you woke up this morning, and you thought of someone whom you haven’t called in some time.  You make a mental note that you should call or write to them soon, and go about your day.  That afternoon, you check your mailbox, and there it is- A letter from that very person!  I once had the urge to talk to my oldest brother, but it was a little after midnight on a weekday, so I told myself I would call him the next day.  About five minutes later, my phone rang, and it was my brother calling to say he had just had the urge to call me to check in and say hi… We talked for about an hour about the strangeness that had just occurred…

These types of events gained their name from Jung because of their proximity in time- synchronous, or almost synchronous, events.  Many people have experienced this many times in their lives… and while most simply smile and take it as a sign, or let it pass as something that just happens from time to time, I believe they may be missing out on the opportunity to dig into these events, and use them to benefit their lives.


7 thoughts on “A Glimpse at Chapter One of “Synchronicity: The Power of Breakdowns and Breakthroughs”

  1. Love your subject! Synchronicity is something I value and try to live by. It’s nice to a have a kindred spirit out there, because sometimes I feel as if I am the only one looking.

    Thanks for the follow and I look forward to seeing what you have to share! Let me know if I can be any help on your journey.



    • Thank you! I have always wanted to dive in and understand what those little “winks” are all about, and after the experiences I had last year, I am excited to bring this new work forward…

      I am always on the lookout for inspiration and good feedback! I also love contribution… If you have a really unique story you’d like me to include, I can give it a read and perhaps you’ll become a part of my book!

      With Gratitude,



      • Awesome! I’m glad to be neighbors. There is one story that I would like to write up for you. I should be able to get it to you once June rolls around.

        Best wishes and I’ll be excited to read more!


    • Very interesting read, indeed! Thank you for that new bit of thought… I am still in discovery with the “hows” and “whys” of these kinds of occurrences- And I believe I most likely will be until the day I die! 🙂

      I am hoping that through my book, I am able to allow us all as agents in the Universe to begin really using this phenomena as a benefit toward enriching our lives.

      If you have any other reading suggestions, please share! And thanks..

      With Gratitude,



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